A is for Affordable

We accept the free ‘early years’ entitlement which every 3-5 year old is entitled to, commencing the term after their third birthday.


We welcome children eligible to the universal funded 15 hours and those eligible to the extended 30 hours funding (using hours up to those we are open or in partnership with other providers – speak to our team to find out more).  We also welcome all funded 2 year olds. For all other children and for hours above those provided, we charge £6.40 per hour.  That means that our morning or afternoon session is just £19.20 and our lunch sessions only £8.

We currently offer the following sessions:
Monday: 9:15-12:15
Tuesday: 9:15-12:15, 12:15-1:30 Lunch and 1:30-3:15 Afternoon
Wednesday: 9:15-12:15
Thursday: 9:15-12:15 and 12:15-1:30 Lunch
Friday: 9:15-12:15 and 12:15-1:30 Lunch.

Families may choose the sessions that most suit them dependant on availability, with no top up fees or compulsory extra costs.   Places are available now!

For more information about Free Early Learning please go to the Brighton and Hove City Council website.

M is for Multi-Cultural

Amigos is a multi-cultural preschool in the Brunswick neighbourhood of Hove which aims to enable children from different nationalities to interact and play together harmoniously.


We have been established since 1999 and have a vast knowledge of the way young children learn in a friendly setting (and we know a few different languages too!) We encourage positive images of people from all ethnic and cultural groups and people with and without disabilities. We believe it is vital for young children to learn about different customs, religious and cultural beliefs and disabilities.

By encouraging understanding and respect of other people in our community, we hope to promote a more tolerant and harmonious society. We have recently welcomed Indian, Saudi, Egyptian, Japanese, French, Albanian & Polish children as well as those of British origin.

Songs, stories, food and shared festivals and customs have been explored and enjoyed by all. In such a richly diverse environment, the children experience new ideas, develop skills, gain confidence, improve communication skills, make friends and learn from each other. Most importantly, they have fun!

What our parents say about Amigos:

“My child has settled in very quickly and really enjoys coming. I am really impressed with the staff.  They are friendly and communicate really well. I also feel there is a real community spirit.”

“All the staff are very friendly and positive, they really love the children and genuinely care for them, and at the same time keep in good communication with the parents.”

“There is always a wide range of activities out for the children.”

“Amigos is good at providing a caring/nurturing environment.”

I is for Information

We are a registered charity, run by an elected committee of parents which is open to all parents, and ensures that everybody’s views and ideas for the preschool can be heard and acted on.

Amigos Pre School is open term time for 38 weeks of the year and we offer a 4 week holiday club during the summer break.

Amigos 2018/2019 Term and Holiday Dates .


Amigos uses the online learning journal Tapestry.  Amigos staff are able to update the online journal adding notes and images and make them immediately available to any authorised person.   As a parent or carer you are able to log on to Tapestry on your computer or smart phone to share in your child’s life at the pre-school. Parents and carers are able to view and comment on these special moments, and contribute your own stories of your child’s life outside of Amigos.

You can use Tapestry on your mobile device.

Apple Devices: Download the Tapestry mobile app from the Apple App Store here, or by typing “tapestry fsf” into the search function.

Android Devices: Download the Android mobile app from Google Play here, or by typing “tapestry fsf” into the search function.

Amigos’ Policies

All our policies are available for parents/carers to view when you visit us at the setting.


The care we provide follows the guidelines set out by the Early Years Foundation Stage and by Ofsted.  To learn more about the EYFS please click here.

G is for Garden

Amigos is based in the Cornerstone Community Centre, where we have a large room that is arranged into many small areas so that groups of children can play and learn together.


There is a craft area, construction area, role play area, clay & natural materials, miniature world (doll’s house, farm etc), puzzles & games, reading corner, writing area and an area for exploratory play.

We split the day into a simple routine which we find helps the children to feel settled – free play, snack time, garden / tidy up time, large group play, and story & song time. We also have access to a second room several times a week where we can set up a climbing frame and slide, or do activities such as yoga or an obstacle course.

We make sure to go out in the garden every day (barring torrential rain) to play at gardening, with sand and water, or play ball games, run races and dance together. We also take the children on outings several times a term, to local businesses, sites of interest, and the seaside.

Learn more about Cornerstone Community Centre.

O is for Ofsted

Amigos are proud to have received the following comments in our recent OFSTED report:


“The quality of teaching is very good. Staff have set up an excellent learning environment where children can set their own challenges and persist in order to achieve them, with adults on hand to support where necessary.”

“The leadership and management are very good. The committee is very supportive of the staff team and offers regular appraisals. The aims of the group are clearly reflected in the group’s practice and the values are shared by the committee, staff and parents.”

“The learning environment is excellent. A good variety of interesting play experiences is on offer every day and children are free to choose between them. Children are very independent within the setting and can easily access further resources if their play takes them in any direction. Staff are on hand to offer suggestions or help them achieve their plans. The learning environment ensures that children who are less confident or less verbal can still arrange their play as they would like, because the resources are at hand.”

If you would like to see our latest Ofsted report please click here


S is for Say Hello…

If you would like more information on Amigos Multi-Cultural Pre School then please complete the form below and we will be happy to help.


Amigos Preschool, Cornerstone Community Centre
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Phone:  01273 011 014
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